Are you a music teacher running a jazz band? Do you have a group of young, hungry musicians eager to develop their musical chops by playing some fun music? Look no further!!

Coming soon to will be compositions and arrangements to be made available for purchase for any of your band needs.

Looking to feature a specific instrument? No problem. A style? Easy. Syncopation and rhythms? You got it!

Have you ever been short band members in your jazz band? Perhaps you have to sub in different instruments to fill the holes? No problem. The tunes will be edited for YOUR specific needs!

Available exclusively on this site will be previews of the sheet music and audio so you can have a complete interactive experience before you make your purchase.

Each of the tunes will also include exercises as they pertain to the tune. Whether it be rhythms, scales, chords.... the list goes on!! Watch your band improve right before your eyes and develop good practise habits, increased reading ability, improved rhythmic analysis... Well, you get the idea.

Check back soon for updates!! And as always, if you have any questions, you can always email Mark at

Play on, and keep moving forward

Mark Thomson.
Trumpeter Composer Arranger
Click here for sample of Yazzminazz Composition
Click here for sample of Jump 'n Shoot Composition